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backyard garden ideas 8
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Subtle Terracing in Backyard This backyard benefits from the subtle use of various textures on its terraces that ups the excitement level. A dramatic wall gives a feeling of enclosure and privacy, a great solution when neighbors might be close. Water Features Adds Interest to Backyard Landscape Creating a naturalistic stream and waterfall adds movement, noise and wildlife to the backyard landscape that will be enjoyed by the entire family. Contemporary Tiers Terraced tiers evoke a sense of peace, excitement, and interest in this urban backyard. The modern bench in the corner makes an ideal place to pause and take in the space and the reflections in the mirrored wall. Create an Easy Backyard Playhouse A colorful summer teepee creates a backyard summer playhouse for children to enjoy from spring through fall. Backyard Garden Plot Yields Variety of Vegetables A well planned backyard vegetable garden plot can yield a bountiful harvest of vegetables from spring into fall. A variety of crops, such as tomatoes, squash and herbs, will flourish in a well watered and sunny spot. Personal Space Bamboo rolls are used to run vertically with black painted lattice, creating a tranquil Japanese theme in this private backyard garden. Find more backyard landscaping ideas. Something Useful for a Backyard A small backyard greenhouse is a good spot to start early vegetables and flowers. Once the weather warms, the door and windows can be left open to increase airflow. Backyard Transformed Into Living Room Sanctuary An urban backyard is transformed into a living family sanctuary that features an area for dining, lounging and playing. Create Spaces for Children and Adults to Enjoy Use an imaginative design to make the most of available backyard space. Create privacy with tall fences, rather than borders. Integrate features such as built in seating with raised beds and plant with aromatic herbs to create a scented relaxation area. Garden Family Room If you have a large backyard, you may have room for an outbuilding to use as a guest room, playhouse or private retreat. Furnish it with comfortable furniture to create a relaxing home away from home. Courtyard Garden A level backyard lends itself to a courtyard effect and multiple outdoor "rooms." Steep and Shady What some homeowners would see as deficits—a sloped and shady backyard—these homeowners have turned into assets. This tranquil, restful escape from busy city life features a path that winds through groves of 'Knock Out' roses, butterfly bushes, azaleas and areas of visual interest, from a koi pond to a bird bath, along the way. A Newfangled Answer to the Back Deck Old and new architectural styles combine in this striking backyard Southern pavilion. The focal point (#1) is the striking fireplace. A woven, seagrass rug (#2) softens the space. Water-resistant furniture (#3) makes sense in this space exposed to the elements. Swim by Firelight Fancy a swim under the stars or how about a dip in a pool lit only by the light of a firewall? Family-Friendly Backyards Create a backyard that both adults and children can enjoy. Areas for both play and relaxation will work for all ages, if the space is well designed. Water Works Exotic foliage surrounds the edges of this small backyard pond. Backyard Pond Is a Tranquil Garden Feature A pond can be a beautiful, calming feature in a backyard if the space is large enough. It will help attract wildlife and a variety of surrounding plants can be used to offer color and texture. Surround a Backyard Grill With Beauty Entertaining in the backyard is a favorite pastime of family and friends. A patio can easily be adapted for an outdoor eating area by adding a grill, table and chairs. Long and Winding Path A winding backyard path is the perfect way to explore the many different areas of the yard. The path can go from the house, past a dining table, to a shed and around to a play area, all surrounded by plantings. Secret Hideaway Concrete leaf stepping stones lead the way to a backyard playhouse. Deck the Yard Wood decking is a way to make a small backyard space warm and inviting. It creates a sophisticated look for an outdoor living and dining area right outside the home. Live in the Trees Is your backyard is graced with large, sturdy trees? Then maybe what you need is a treehouse. DIY designs range from simple, open-air decks to fully-finished spaces complete with plumbing and electricity. Fire Pits Enhance Patio Entertainment Fire pits create a wonderful focal point for an outdoor gathering space and add warmth to backyard gatherings on cool evenings. Shady Retreat Landscape designer Jamie Durie removed the lawn from a shady backyard and then filled the space with tropical plants, a floating lounge and a daybed. Moss Garden Moss gardens mean even shade is no deterrent to green. Moss makes a beautiful border in this Japanese garden and requires no mowing, leaving more time for meditation.

1 Of 40 Wine Country GardenThe lush garden of this Napa Valley country cottage features lavender, rosemary, irises, and fruit trees. David Tsay 2 Of 40 Elevated StepsAdding elevated steps to the front of your home can add dimension and texture. Frame them with abundant flowers and plants. Getty ImagesAdvertisement - Continue Reading Below 3 Of 40 Winding PathBoxwood hedges—whether rounded, squared off, or snaked through other borders—can add charm to any country garden. To see six more features every country garden needs, check out an excerpt from Charlotte Moss' book Garden Inspirations. Charlotte Moss 4 Of 40 Backyard EscapeBoxwoods surround a tranquil fountain outside this sunlight-drenched "she-shed." Gridley and GravesAdvertisement - Continue Reading Below 5 Of 40 Wisteria VinesOak-leaf blooms and lady's mantle bloom in front of a former sugar shack overrun by wisteria vines, where the owners of this Ohio farmhouse host candelit dinners. Max Kim-Bee 6 Of 40 Elegant ArchwayAn archway covered in porcelain berry vines separates beds of black-eyed Susan, bee balm, and cat mint from this New York garden estate. The white, ruin-like columns in the distance were salvaged from a local bank. Max Kim-BeeAdvertisement - Continue Reading Below 7 Of 40 Floral WalkwayPlant large, eye-catching flowers that will grow up and around a fence to create a beautiful walkway to your home. Getty Images 8 Of 40 Floral Front YardOverflowing with your favorite flowers, window boxes are a irresistible draw for the eye. Consider planting flowers in a shade that complements the color of your home. Or, for dramatic effect, mix in a second plant that picks up your trim color. Steven RandazzoAdvertisement - Continue Reading Below 9 Of 40 Resting PlacePortulaca, variegated sage, cherry tomatoes, Padron peppers, parsley, and more thrive in galvanized troughs in the backyard of this California home. Alec Hemer 10 Of 40 Manicured LawnCombine bushes and trees with stones, a pond, and juicy grass for a beautifully layered backyard. Getty Images

Inviting entrance An arbor supporting summer-blooming clematis and honeysuckle leads to a prairie garden in this Illinois backyard. Twig chairs and a sculpture made from old garden and farm implements add whimsy. Read more about this garden. Tags: Garden, Garden Design, Spring gardening, Summer gardening, Spring, Summer, Outdoor Living

Japanese theme A dry stream bed—each stone selected and placed by the Illinois homeowner—is just one of many elements that make up this backyard Japanese garden. Read more about this garden. Tags: Garden, Garden Design, Spring gardening, Summer gardening, Spring, Summer, Outdoor Living

Display a Collection Collections are often thought of as high-end or expensive, but a simple gathering of plants in miniature containers can be a great focal point for a backyard. Here, this plain shelf provides a good spot for a low-cost stockpile of succulents and cactus plants. The easy backyard idea adds a fun pop of color to the outdoor area. 10 Backyard Ideas for a Relaxing Oasis

Small-space makeover This homeowner in Columbus, Ohio, divided his 50x50-foot backyard—bookended by house and garage—into four outdoor rooms filled with amenities for relaxing or entertaining. Read more about this backyard. Tags: Garden, Garden Design, Spring gardening, Summer gardening, Spring, Summer, Outdoor Living

Ideally, a backyard vegetable garden should contribute to your family's well-being without taking too much of your scarce free time. This can be achieved with a little planning to get started out right, and a commitment to low-maintenance organic methods which save time and ensure a healthy garden year after year. Whether you are growing a single bed for salad greens or a multiple bed "backyard food factory", the following tips should be considered before you start digging.

15 Cheap Backyard Ideas Upgrading your landscape, patio, or deck doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. Here are 15 budget-smart backyard and inexpensive landscaping ideas to help you love your yard more. By Kelly Roberson

15 Cheap Backyard Ideas Upgrading your landscape, patio, or deck doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. Here are 15 budget-smart backyard and inexpensive landscaping ideas to help you love your yard more.

Build Color with Containers Annuals can be less expensive than perennials and shrubs, and they're a great way to add color and impact to a backyard, especially when arranged in containers. Here, matching vessels offer design cohesion, as does a similar color palette for the plants. Another backyard idea: A stone slab on top of a lumber scrap makes for a casual outdoor side table. Free Container Garden Plans

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