Bed Bath And Beyond Drapes


Bed Bath And Beyond Drapes

Sleep Like the Dead had a blackout curtain review that we used to help narrow our choices. We also used articles from Real Simple and Apartment Therapy, which broadly recommended brands that sell quality curtains, both blackout and non-blackout. Then we looked at the blackout options of stores on those lists—IKEA and Bed Bath & Beyond, specifically. We also checked popular mass retailers to see what blackout options they had, including JCPenney, Target, Kohl’s, Walmart, Pottery Barn, and West Elm.
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Bed Bath And Beyond Drapes

The Medallion Insulated Window Curtains bring style and added comfort to a room. These luxurious drapes provide a modern, elegant look and with woven blackout technology, they also offer the best light, noise, and temperature blocking abilities.
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Bed Bath And Beyond Drapes

As UPenn’s Perlis told us, some people continue to process sound and light as they fall asleep, and sometimes even during sleep. “As a result, they may experience trouble falling or staying asleep,” he said. “So attenuating such things helps. Sadly, as most of us age, the probability of such “sensory processing” increases. So more of us, as we get older, may want to use things that attenuate or mask light and sound,” he said, like blackout curtains or white noise machines. “Blackout drapes are a wonderful idea.” (We also interviewed Perlis for our guide to white noise machines.)
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Bed Bath And Beyond Drapes

With a rich, velvety texture and deep red hue, the Victoria Room-Darkening Window Curtain adds dramatic flair to your decor. From top grommets, this lavish panel drapes elegantly around your windows, bringing a luxurious look and feel to any setting.
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Bed Bath And Beyond Drapes

The Pippa Window Curtain makes it easy to give any room an elegant update. Made from a semi-sheer, solid-color fabric, this simple and classic panel features a lustrous, silk-look finish and drapes beautifully from a top rod pocket.
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Bed Bath And Beyond Drapes

The simple beauty of the Botanical Window Curtain Panel makes it easy to decorate any room. Made from a linen blend, this crisp, solid-color panel has a slight texture for added style and drapes elegantly from chic top grommets in a gun-metal finish.
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Bed Bath And Beyond Drapes

Give your décor a lift with the Marrakesh Window Curtain Panel. In a geometric-inspired Jacquard weave, this lined panel drapes beautifully from top grommets, blocking harsh light and bringing a look of understated elegance to your windows.
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Bed Bath And Beyond Drapes

We spoke with several sleep experts to get a full picture of why blackout curtains are beneficial, and to find out if there are any downsides to sleeping (and waking up) in total darkness. Michael Perlis, PhD, director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program at University of Pennsylvania, helped us understand our reactions to light and noise as we fall asleep at night. Jerome Siegel, PhD, director of the Siegel Lab at UCLA’s Center for Sleep Research, shared his insights on waking up in darkness and sleep issues that affect shift workers. Jodi Mindell, PhD, professor of psychology at Saint Joseph’s University and author of Sleeping Through the Night: How Infants, Toddlers, and Their Parents Can Get a Good Night’s Sleep, weighed in on how dark a room should be for sleeping and daytime-napping children. And Rachel Manber, PhD, a behavioral sleep medicine specialist at Stanford University Medical Center, gave us her thoughts on light and dark sleep conditions for children and adults.
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Most of the blackout curtains we tested are labeled as dry clean only. To wash and care for your curtains, we recommend following the care labels attached to them. Some are dry clean only, and some you can wash on very gentle settings but not iron. In general, the polyester curtains we tested were not wrinkled out of the package, and fine to hang right on a curtain rod. The pricier curtains made with linen and cotton were wrinkled, and they could be ironed to help get out some of those creases. But it can be a frustrating job, and if you don’t need them on the windows immediately it might still be worth taking them to the dry cleaner to be pressed and put on hangers—not folded.
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Eclipse is a big manufacturer of room darkening and blackout curtains, but it was hard to find reviews for all the different versions sold at mass retailers. So we tested three different, unlined Eclipse blackout curtains—the Eclipse Canova (sold at JCPenney), the Eclipse Samara (sold at Walmart), and the Eclipse Fresno (sold on Amazon). None of them held up in our testing. The Canova and Samara feel like they’re made from a crepe-like material, and the back feels flimsy and thin, almost like a disposable plastic tablecloth. The Eclipse Fresno curtains were much better quality, in a sateen weave, and the backing felt silkier and higher-quality. But all three produced bright-white photographs in our light testing.
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Pottery Barn Kids offers a few blackout curtain options, but we tested the Hayden Blackout Curtains because they came in the widest variety of neutral, non-pastel colors. We ran into the same issues we did with the Pottery Barn and West Elm curtains—great fabrics and definitely among the best quality for actual curtains that we tested, but they weren’t true blackouts. These come in five colors, and they’re only $100 a panel for a similar size to Pottery Barn and West Elm. But, they’re not available in a double-width option, and the fabric quality isn’t quite as good as the other two high-end curtains we tried, so we felt that for a little more money West Elm was worth it.
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We also spoke to Berek Awend, a sales manager at who previously owned his own blinds store, to find out how to measure for and install blackout curtains to get the best coverage. And we read blackout curtain reviews and store recommendations from sources including Apartment Therapy, Real Simple, and Sleep Like the Dead.
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We generally found two types of blackout curtains. Some come with two layers—a curtain fabric and a separate liner—and others are made of a single layer of fabric, often with a coating on the back side. The single-layer curtains tend to be heavier woven fabrics, which can be limiting from a design perspective. The cheap to mid-priced curtains we found ($60 and under for a panel), were usually made of polyester. We found curtains in a wider range of fabrics (including cotton and linen) at higher prices.
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We wanted to test these in an environment where we could completely control and manipulate the lighting to get the same setup for each curtain, so we used a photography studio to test how much light penetrated each curtain panel. We set up a 40-inch silver-lined softbox with the diffusers removed (no shield in front of the bulb) and used a 320WS studio strobe at full power, remote triggered from the camera, to flash an intense burst of light into the back of the curtain fabric while we took a picture from the front. We hung the curtains and positioned them pressed directly against the softbox to focus all the light into the cloth and prevent spill. Then, we used a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR camera with a 50mm lens to photograph the panels. We used very light-sensitive settings specifically to try to capture any light that might come through even the best panels. The resulting photographic tests meant the blacker the photograph, the better the curtain was at blocking light.
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The panels come in four fairly standard lengths (63-, 84-, 95-, and 108-inch versions), comparable to the number of length options offered by West Elm, Pottery Barn, Eclipse, and Best Home Fashion. We think the Sebastian curtains would also hem more easily and neatly than the stiffer Emery panels or the flimsier Eclipse Samara and Fresno panels.
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The Emery curtains have a basket-weave pattern that’s a little heavier and a little less versatile around the house than the Sebastian. The curtain fabric also has a more open weave, which may be why the Emery let in a trace of light. Both the Sebastian and Emery curtains are polyester, and both have a sheen, but we think that the Sebastian curtains look and feel more luxe than the Emery.
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The West Elm curtains generally come in four lengths—84-, 96-, 108-, and 124-inch. All of the curtain panels that come with a blackout lining are 48 inches in width, but a few are available as double-width panels for larger windows. There are currently three prints available, and other fabrics including velvet and pure linen. Blackout curtains are a constant presence in West Elm’s Rugs and Windows section, so inventory may vary as new styles become available.
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